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People who are those whom I admire and look up to as My Heroes! Everyday people who exhibit the highest degree of bravery and sacrifice,who have suffered grave injuries or death for the good of their fellow man. That includes those who did not face death or injury but who put themselves in place to do so if necessary. Also includes those civilians who have made great contributions to Mankind

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tribute to Veterans of WW II, Korea, and Vietnam Wars

My mother shares my fierce support of our military personnel. She bought the following videos and every time we watch them, we always cry-baby. In the past we have done volunteer work for the vets at the local VA hospital and so did my younger sister. We got the art department at schools to make holiday cards for the vets to distribute, made hundreds of cookies and sewed hundreds of Christmas stockings which we stuffed with goodies and passed out. We have visited vets at the hospital and it is a damned, crying shame that so many have NO VISITORS. HOW can they be FORGOTTEN??
Url to Home Page of Dr Sam and Managed Care Band. Moving tributes to our military people and veterans.

"Before You Go"

A tribute and thank-you to Veterans of WWII and Veterans of the Korean War

Original "Before You Go" dedicated to the veterans of WWII and the veterans of the Korean War which preserved that victory.

Before You Go - A song of thanks to veterens
"Before You Go" has now been downloaded more than 14 Million times
Click here to listen to "Before You Go"

WW II Memorial - Washington, D.C.

iwo jima memorial by gerald.hand.
The most iconic photograph of human conflict, the 2nd raising of the U.S. flag on Suribachi, Iwo Jima. This is a mute testimony and reminder of the men (in all service branches) who gave all in the greatest conflict in human history.

Base of Iwo Jima Memorial

Korean War Monument, Washington, D.C,


(same lyrics but different slide show. Very moving.)

"Before You Go"

A tribute and thank-you to Veterans of the Vietnam War

The long awaited release dedicated to veterans of The Vietnam War is here!

The long awaited "Before You Go" version dedicated to Veterans of the Vietnam War

Click here to listen to "Before You Go"


Portion of the names on The Wall - Vietnam War Memorial

The statue -

Tribute - Memorial to the women military ( and should include the nurses)

Vietnam War Women Veterans Memorial

And the Medics...

Vietnam War Memorial

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